About us

2006-04-10 :: OS v1.00 made available for download.
                      It took longer than expected, and it features a whole lot
                      more than expected! You'll be glad you waited :-)
2006-08-05 :: OS v0.98 made available for download.
                     It features the full functionality of upcoming v1.0, but the                                  source code is not yet fully documented and prepared to be                             realeased as open source.

2006-06-16 :: OS v0.92 (maintenance release) available for download.
                     Documentation update: Storyboard and Navigation Guide.

2006-06-01 ::
Analogue Haven announced as our preferred US distributor.
2006-04-20 :: The Octopus Navigation Guide made available for download.
2006-03-29 ::
Octopus launching.. we congratulate the new owners!


DELIVERY :: OCTOPUS is available for order since March 2006.

DOCUMENTATION :: The Navigation Guide provides a user's insight into the operation of the machine. Take a look!

COMMUNITY :: In order to consolidate the community around OCTOPUS we have set up a forum (please excuse the ad banners for the time being). You may use it to share your ideas and impressions around OCTOPUS with other sequencing afficionados.

LONGEVITY :: We have decided that the OCTOPUS Firmware shall be released as open source with the availability of v1.0. We hope to maximize the lifetime of OCTOPUS as a sequencing platform and let future generations of electronic musicians realize their sequencing dreams, just as we have realized ours. The sources are not yet fully documented but are available over on Sourceforge.net.