About us

Can OCTOPUS be tested in real life?
There is a growing number of users willing to offer you a demonstration on their premises. Please contact us for details about your geography.

Can I ask for my dream-feature to be implemented?
We will accept and evaluate every serious suggestion to the matter.
You also may opt to discuss your ideas openly in the forum.

So what OS version will be in my unit if I order one now?
The units currently delivered come with the OS v1.00.

You said OS v1.00 will be open source?
Indeed. While we are not yet finished with the code documentation, we are already using Sourceforge as our main CVS server. Take a look!

Does OCTOPUS feature a CV/GATE interface?
Not right now, however we suggest you voice your view on this in the forum.

Can OCTOPUS technically feature LED's other than red / green / orange?
This is not a technical but a pricing issue which is now accordingly on our priority list. Until further notice, the answer is a definite "probably yes".

What is the link between OCTOPUS and Latronic Notron?
None really. But this needs some explaining:
What OCTOPUS and Notron probably share is the goal of to being high-end composition tools for MIDI sequencing. This may explain why the community around OCTOPUS has a substantial share of Notron users.
OCTOPUS offers vast live performance capabilities via a "flat" user interface model trying to avoid as much as possible deeply buried features.